It Can Imitate the Human Eye!

Because the human eye is complicated and delicate, scientists find it difficult to study this structure. Perhaps the least progress between all sciences is the structure of the human eye. Membranes, veins, nerves and many more features are waiting to be discovered. Nowadays, it is of great importance that artificial intelligence is put forward and that the eyes are replicated as a science. There was a pleasing news in this direction and there was a development that excited the science steps and science circles recently. According to this, an artificial replica was produced which can now perform and mimic eye movements. This replica, which is currently in its infancy and responds to only a few responses, is expected to develop and do much more.


It Can Cry and Blink

This chip, which has a diameter of about 5 cm, is almost an eye size, perhaps a little larger. This chip with tear ducts is produced from the nerves in the corneal structure of the eye. One of the most important features of this new replica is that it certainly has a perfect lens. This lens can also blink. Moist and wet tears in the eyes according to the situation and if desired to pour. In short, he does almost all eye movements like a normal person, but he is not fully developed. Researchers, to test eye dryness of the chip blink rate from 12 to 6 per minute reduced. They then found that when they used the investigated medication to maintain a significantly reduced amount of tears, eye dryness-induced combustion was markedly reduced.

This structure does not contain all the cells in the eye. Lack of eye vessels and biological immune systems. Researchers, the system is missing and can not test the formation of tears, he says. The researchers hope that this study will be further developed in the future and will open new horizons in the treatment of eye diseases. The research was published in the journal Nature Medicine.

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